Eight Years Later

Many thanks to The Cowgirl Coder who reminded me that Thursday marked the eighth anniversary of the day The Moon was blasted out of its orbit.

The breakaway happened on September 13, 1999. That was a Sunday. The day before, I held a going away party for the moon. We watched “Breakaway,” the pilot episode of Space: 1999, and when the show got to the part where the explosions started, everyone spontaneously started waving goodbye. :-)

I’ve been watching the show on DVD thanks to Netflix. The first season was pretty bad. (Koenig’s solution to everything was to either yell at it, or shoot it and then insist that humans weren’t barbarians.) The second season was better, but that’s not saying much. I hadn’t realized it, but Maya was saving the moon long before Wesley got started saving the Enterprise.

And so many questions remain. What happened to Paul and Victor? What ever happened to all of Main Mission? When did Computer become a proper noun? (It was never “the computer” it was always referred to as “Computer.”) Where did they get the new clothes for Season 2? And just how many times did Eagle 1 get blown up anyhow?

Production values, OK. Writing and continuity, ugh.

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